“Back To School” Boot Camp


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“Back to School” Boot Camp

 — A fun and easy guide for getting back into the groove for school band this fall —

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This special 7-part video course is intended to help any student get their instrumental chops back into shape after summer vacation…in just 7 days! We all had ambitions of practicing a lot over summer break but time slips away quickly. If you are in need of a little help to get back on track for fall semester then you’re in the right place! Dust off your instrument and simply watch any lesson to start on the path to recovery!

How To Watch The Video Lessons

PREVIEW LESSONS for free by clicking the video play button plus use the option for full-screen view by clicking the lower right icon.

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Each lesson is then viewed on its own dedicated page with additional written text clearly explaining the lesson objectives, review items for focused practice, and recommendations for other lessons related to that particular subject. Plus you will also be able to download helpful learning materials like PDF sheet music and/or MP3 play-along recordings (when applicable) which are created by Darren as a visual/aural enhancement for easier and faster comprehension for that specific lesson topic. Click to View Sample PDF

Creating a Personalized Practice Routine
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Cleaning Your Instrument for a Fresh Start
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Band Supplies & Instrument Repair
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Preparing for Auditions
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Overcoming Orthodontics
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