Cleaning Your Trombone

Lesson Chapters

CH 1 Equipment and products you will need :49
CH 2 Washing the Bell 2:45
CH 3 Washing the INNER Slide 4:57
CH 4 Washing the OUTER Slide 7:54
CH 5 Checking the Water Key Cork (Spit Valve) 10:38
CH 6 Drying off the Different Parts 11:13
CH 7 Greasing the INNER Slide 13:30
Ch 8 Greasing the TUNING Slide on Bell 15:33
Ch 9 Washing the Mouthpiece 16:43
Ch 10 Assembling the Clean Trombone 18:44

Lesson Goal

• Washing, Drying, Lubricating & Assembling your Trombone
• Clean All 3 Components – Mouthpiece, Slide, Bell – at least Every Month!

Lesson Category

Trombone: Miscellaneous

Skill Level


Video Length



• Have a trombone in your possession
• Access to shower or tub
• Liquid Soap or Shampoo
• Plastic Cup for putting water into outer slide
• Trombone Cleaning Snake
• Mouthpiece Brush
• Old Towel
• Trombone Grease – Trombotine, Superslick, Slide-O-Mix
• (optional) Tuning Slide Grease – Lanolin, Vaseline, Cold Cream

Your Learning Steps


Watch lesson objective at beginning of this lesson


Break it down into small easy tasks


Slow repetition, relaxed concentration


• DO NOT USE NICE CLEAN WHITE TOWEL! Find an old towel to wipe off horn and possible excess grease
• DAILY – Wash your mouthpiece to avoid sickness
• WEEKLY – Wipe off your inner slide and reapply grease every few days (Spray with water bottle for maximum benefit)
• MONTHLY – Clean your horn thoroughly as shown in video every month – Slide, Bell, Mouthpiece


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