Producing a Quality Tone

Lesson Chapters

FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :01

CH 1 Play More! 1:33
CH 2 Use More Air 2:44
CH 3 Open Throat / Back of Tongue Down 4:33
CH 4 High Notes 7:53

Lesson Goal

• Play Trombone with a Clear Full Tone

Lesson Category

Trombone: Fundamentals

Skill Level


Video Length



• Have a trombone in your possession!
• Desire to play more trombone every day in order to improve tone and feel more comfortable

Your Learning Steps


Watch lesson objective at beginning of this lesson


Break it down into small easy tasks


Slow repetition, relaxed concentration


• Play More: Spend more time playing the trombone
• Use More Air: Concentrate on using diaphragm to increase air intake through your mouth
• Keep Throat Open with Back of Tongue Down: Imagine a hard boiled egg in your mouth to create an open cavity and/or create hot air by imagining fogging up a mirror


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Watch MRI of Throat, Tongue & Lips while French Horn is being played live in realtime

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