15 Min Warmup

Lesson Chapters

FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :14

CH 1 LONG TONES: 1st Series – Start on High F 1:32
CH 2 Why Start on High F 3:49
CH 3 LONG TONES: 2nd Series – Start on High D 4:49
CH 4 LONG TONES: 3rd Series – Start on Tuning Bb 6:32
CH 5 Explanation of Why Do Lip Slurs for Flexibility & Strength 9:06
CH 6 LIP SLURS: Start on Tuning Bb up to D 10:03
CH 7 Focusing on Rhythmic Accuracy from Triplets to Sixteenths 12:44
CH 8 Explanation of Articulation 13:51
CH 9 ARTICULATION: Quarter & Eighths – Start on Tuning Bb14:48
CH 10 ARTICULATION: Major Scales 15:40
CH 11 Use Alternate Positions when possible 17:42

Lesson Goal

• Prepare lungs, lips, tongue, arm and brain for trombone playing!
• 5 Min on each of 3 primary areas: Long Tones, Lip Slurs & Articulation
• Have your warmup becoming a daily routine which will reap great benefits

Lesson Category

Trombone: Fundamentals

Skill Level


Video Length



• Have a trombone in your possession!
• Metronome
• Tuner

Your Learning Steps


Watch lesson objective at beginning of this lesson


Break it down into small easy tasks


Slow repetition, relaxed concentration


• 5 Min Long Tones for AIR/LUNGS: Start on each of 3 Partials (high F, high D, tuning Bb) in All 7 Positions
• 5 Min Lip Slurs for LIPS: Start on ANY of 3 Partials in All 7 Positions – Quarters-Eighths-Eighth Note Triplets-Sixteenths
• 5 Min Articulation for TONGUE “Ta” or “Tu”: Start on ANY of 3 Partials in All 7 Positions – Quarters & Eighths : Major Scales


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