Unfortunately many circumstances during this Covid-19 pandemic have prompted me to implement a New Prepayment Policy
(not unlike ordering on Amazon, buying fast food via drive thru or making a trip to the grocery store)

  1. Place Your Order (schedule lesson/session or add product to online cart at DKOLessons.com)
  2. Purchase Your Order (preferred method of prepayment BEFORE a lesson, session or product is delivered)
    Cash (Hand in Person)
    Zelle (Chase Bank)
    PayPal (+3% fees) PayPal.me/DJDKO
    Venmo (+3% fees Venmo.com/ElectricTromboneDJ
    Credit Card (+3% fees) – Visa or MasterCard using PayPal Here app
    Personal Check – Made out to “DKO The Darren Kramer Organization”
  3. Receive Your Order (quality service or product)
    Online Zoom Lesson/Session
    Emailed Product
    Dropbox Link
    Shipped Product

Privacy Statement
I value your business and privacy and I do not, and will not, share any of your information with third parties. As a new member, you will be automatically added to our monthly newsletter announcing new video lessons, special events, and promotions. However, if you do not want to receive the newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Secure Checkout
I value your business and personal finance security and use only payment gateways that are proven to be secure. First of all, please take note of the website URL. The padlock icon and the “s” after “http” indicates this website is secure and uses a required SSL Certificate. Moreover, I use the globally recognized payment systems of Authorize.net and PayPal to process all DKO Lessons shopping cart purchases.
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Refund Policy
DKOLessons.com is entirely a digital business featuring only streaming video and digital downloads which are generally void of any defects or shipping delays. However, if you not satisfied with your service or purchase, by all means, please Contact Darren.

Cancellation Policy
You can cancel your membership at anytime at no additional cost, but please proceed using these steps:

1. Please Provide Some Feedback – It is of great concern to me as to why you are considering quitting DKO Lessons. Is there something I can do to help you or improve your experience here at DKO Lessons? I am very eager and willing to help address your specific needs. Please contact me and express your feelings about why you are dissatisfied. I value your business, but I also value your suggestions and feedback which can in turn help others members who may feel the same way you do. Contact Darren

2. Consider “Freezing” Your Membership Instead – An easier and better option than canceling your membership is simply to “freeze” it. Freezing your membership allows you to “suspend” your monthly payments for up to three months while keeping your account “as is” regarding all of your login credentials, payment info, purchased items and downloadable materials. I realize we all are very busy these days and even sometimes run into financial challenges which require us to focus our time, energy and money in other places. No problem – I’ve been there, done that! Therefore, I gladly offer each member the option to freeze their account one time every year for up to three months. Once the 90-day grace period has expired, your account will then be “reactivated” which will once again allow you full access to the website. Your next monthly payment will then be charged on the same day of the month as before. (The exact date of the month you initially joined DKO Lessons)

3. “No, I Definitely Want To Cancel My Membership!” – OK no problem and I’m sorry to see you go, but please consider this option carefully as you will lose all of your member privileges and exclusive access to the website including all the full-length video lessons. All cancellations are final and effective at the end of your monthly cycle (The exact date of the month you joined DKO Lessons). DKO Lessons will always continue to grow and improve with new videos and features, and should you decide to rejoin again in the future, I will welcome you with open arms but you will be added to the waiting list until an opening is available. (Generally every 6-12 weeks)

Be aware that your membership will be cancelled with 72 hrs of written request, BUT you will still have access to the website for the duration of your membership cycle. For example, if you joined on the 9th of the month and you cancel on the 27th, you still have access a monthly member until the 8th at which time your next billing cycle will NOT process on the 9th due to your cancellation. Furthermore, please know that your account will still remain in place and allow you to continue to make purchases of Live Lessons, DKO CDs & DKO Sheet Music.