Intro To Live Looping

Lesson Chapters

FIRST! Listen to Darren Playing the Lesson Objective :19

CH 1 What is Live Looping & Why Do It? 1:37
CH 2 Darren Commentary over Electric Trombone Live Looping Videos 4:15
CH 3 Different Types of Looping Pedals 6:59
CH 4 How to Get Started using Ableton Live “Looper” Device 7:50
CH 5 Three Live Looping Techniques using Three Different Controllers 8:06
CH 6 Looping Voice using Computer Mouse 8:28
CH 7 Looping Keyboard using iPad Controller App “Lemur” 9:20
CH 8 Looping Trombone using MIDI Foot Controller Pedal 13:16
CH 9 Looping Trombone using MIDI Buttons Attached Directly on Electric Trombone 16:16

Lesson Goal

• 3 Functions of a Standard Looper
• 3 Common Looping Techniques
• 3 Different Looping Controllers

Lesson Category

Music Technology: Electric Trombone

Skill Level


Video Length



• Own hardware or software looping device
• Basic knowledge of recording and music

Your Learning Steps


Watch electric trombone videos embedded at beginning of this lesson


Break it down into small easy tasks


Slow repetition, relaxed concentration


• 3 Functions for 1 Pedal or Button: Record/Play/Overdub
• 3 Common Looping Techniques: Free Time, Short Phrase, 2-4 Bar Loop in Time with Harmonized Parts
• 3 Looping Controllers: Laptop Mouse Click, iPad Lemur App, Roland MIDI Foot Controller


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DKO Sheet Music & DKO Recordings from this video lesson:
“A Cask Of Thousands” from DKO Electric Quartet CD
“Heavy Metal Paperclip” from DJ DKO Beyond The Boneyard EP
“Sarcophagus” from DJ DKO Beyond The Boneyard EP
“Solace” from DJ DKO Beyond The Boneyard EP

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