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How To Watch The Video Lessons

Most of the video lessons in this special 8-part series are much longer (30-50 min) than other lessons on this website (5-20 min).
They were created to simulate a real-life daily situation of being in a 60-90 min rehearsal or classroom at a summer jazz camp.
To that end, these lessons are intended to be viewed – in full – each of the 5 days of this “Virtual Jazz Camp”.

*4 hours of premium content based on my personal experience as a student attendee of nearly 20 summer music camps, 25 yrs as a professional performer and educator, as well as current research of popular jazz camps around the country.

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Each lesson is then viewed on its own dedicated page with additional written text clearly explaining the lesson objectives, review items for focused practice, and recommendations for other lessons related to that particular subject. Plus you will also be able to download helpful learning materials like PDF sheet music and/or MP3 play-along recordings (when applicable) which are created by Darren as a visual/aural enhancement for easier and faster comprehension for that specific lesson topic. Click to View Sample PDF

Suggested Mock Schedule


Placement Audition 1pm
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Improv / Theory 10:30-12pm
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Masterclass 3-4pm
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No Membership Required for This Lesson

Jam Session 4pm (or 10pm)
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Performance 2pm
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“Your DKO CD “In The Now” sounds very good indeed.
Great playing and writing…interesting textures and sounds. Keep up the good work!”
Bob Mintzer
World-Renowned Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger & Jazz Educator

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Jamey Aebersold Jazz Handbook
For years, world-renowned jazz educator Jamey Aebersold has given away a “red” book called the “Jazz Handbook”
FREE OF CHARGE. This valuable resource is full of jazz patterns, chord/scale advice and practice tips.
Great for jazz fans and students of all ages and levels.