ii-V-I Diatonic Lick PART 1

Lesson Chapters

FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :01

CH 1 What is a ii-V-1 Chord Progression :42
CH 2 Key Center or “Horizontal Playing” = Major Scale over ii-V-I 1:30
CH 3 Brief Explanation of Chord Symbols (Nomenclature) 2:11
CH 4 Harmonic Awareness or “Vertical Playing” = Chord Tones on Each Chord in the Progression 3:30
CH 5 Note Functions of the Lick 4:49
CH 6 Voice Leading built into the Lick 7:32
CH 7 Learning the Lick in All 12 Keys 8:27
CH 8 Targeting the “3rd” of Each Chord 10:16
CH 9 Tips for Learning the Lick in All 12 Keys for the Play-Along 12:15

Lesson Goal

• Understanding the ii-V-I Chord Progression
• Learn Diatonic Lick that Emphasizes Voice Leading
• Learn Lick in All 12 Keys

Lesson Category

Jazz: Improvisation

Skill Level


Video Length



• General Knowledge of Major Scales

Your Learning Steps


Watch lesson objective at beginning of this lesson


Break it down into small easy tasks


Slow repetition, relaxed concentration


• Easy Slow Quarter Notes in Each Bar
• Decending Major Scale from the Key Signature
• Starts on 4th scale step but you should start thinking of it as the 3rd of the ii chord!
• Outlines the “Changes” by using “Voice Leading” with 3-2-1-7 on each chord


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Download PDF & MP3

ii-V-I Diatonic Lick PART 1 – Treble Clef PDF
ii-V-I Diatonic Lick PART 1 – Bass Clef PDF

ii-V-I Play-Along Bossa (100 BPM) MP3

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Save PDF “Save As” or “Export PDF” from the MENU of your Browser
Save MP3 COMMAND-CLICK (Right-Click) on the PLAY BAR in the Center of Browser Window “Download Video As”

Play-Along with Darren

CH 1 Short Review
CH 2 Explanation of Numbers on PDF (Note Functions & Trombone Alt Positions) :47
CH 3 PLAY-ALONG with Darren BOSSA 100 BPM 1:33        *2X Thru Each Lick (8 Bars Total for Each Key)
CH 4 Recap & How to Practice “Less Familiar” Keys 5:35

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