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International Trombone Week!

Yes indeed, it’s that special time of year again! Get out and play or listen to a trombone player this week as it is International Trombone Week Apr 3-10, 2016. International Trombone Week Events…/ If you happen to be in Colorado, here are few fabulous trombone events happening this week all along the Front […]

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The Power of 2 Min

The Power of 2 Minutes Click to View Entire Lesson Lesson Chapters from Full-Length Video Lesson FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :11 CH 1 Intro: Finding 2 min to practice during the day 2.28 CH 2 One Phrase Only from Rochut Melodious Etude #1 in a practice room 3:55 CH 3 Against the Grain […]

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Official Launch of – March 22, 2016 Live & Pre-Recorded Online Lessons Trombone • Jazz • Music Technology Official Launch Is Today 3.22.16 Now Accepting New Members! Spring is here! A perfect day to launch my new online lessons website! I’m SO excited because this is a modern multifaceted approach for focused learning of my three favorite subjects – Trombone, […]

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Consistent Practice = Muscle Memory

Is there a good reason to practice YOUR INSTRUMENT everyday on a consistent basis? (not FB or texting!) Yes, so that you begin to create “muscle memory” – the automatic response of your lungs, lips, tongue and arm when you pick up and play your trombone. Why is that important? Because your end goal for […]

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Finding The Right Horn

This is a common subject among brass players but I’ve never been that much of a “gear junkie” myself. I’ve owned 6 different trombones since since I started playing at age 8, and only one I currently still own is my Edwards T302 Jazz Trombone. I play mostly jazz and commercial music these days so […]

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