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David Baker

David Baker Jazz Education Legacy

David Baker is the obvious choice to start things off for the new and improved Musician Mondays due to his recent passing on March 26, 2016. Ironically, this is also International Trombone Week and Mr. Baker always had a special place in my heart not only for his immeasurable contributions to jazz education, but also […]

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The Power of 2 Min

The Power of 2 Minutes Click to View Entire Lesson Lesson Chapters from Full-Length Video Lesson FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :11 CH 1 Intro: Finding 2 min to practice during the day 2.28 CH 2 One Phrase Only from Rochut Melodious Etude #1 in a practice room 3:55 CH 3 Against the Grain […]

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Official Launch of – March 22, 2016 Live & Pre-Recorded Online Lessons Trombone • Jazz • Music Technology Official Launch Is Today 3.22.16 Now Accepting New Members! Spring is here! A perfect day to launch my new online lessons website! I’m SO excited because this is a modern multifaceted approach for focused learning of my three favorite subjects – Trombone, […]

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Consistent Practice = Muscle Memory

Is there a good reason to practice YOUR INSTRUMENT everyday on a consistent basis? (not FB or texting!) Yes, so that you begin to create “muscle memory” – the automatic response of your lungs, lips, tongue and arm when you pick up and play your trombone. Why is that important? Because your end goal for […]

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Finding The Right Horn

This is a common subject among brass players but I’ve never been that much of a “gear junkie” myself. I’ve owned 6 different trombones since since I started playing at age 8, and only one I currently still own is my Edwards T302 Jazz Trombone. I play mostly jazz and commercial music these days so […]

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Look Inward, Not Outward

Do any of you fellow bone players feel better physically, mentally and emotionally when you simply close the door, turn off the phone and computer, and just play? smile emoticon I continually forget how peaceful, productive and rewarding it is to simply play the trombone – no agenda, no gig, no deadline. Plus, it seems to always […]

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