Teaching Philosophy

I’ve often wondered why music essentially chose me when I was a child, and has subsequently consumed my entire life as a career. I’ve actually given it a lot of thought in recent years, and I now know that I’m a musician because of three reasons:

  • The freedom and inspiration I experience as a listener
  • The emotion and creativity it allows me to express as a performer
  • The overwhelming need and desire to share the entire experience with others

So, I’m very proud to announce that this “moment of clarity” has led me to create DKO Lessons, and my teaching philosophy is simple:

I want to inspire and educate people with music!

More specifically, I want to help you improve your music and your life, right now and into the future, and I hope to do that in two ways:

  • Instant Inspiration
  • Long Term Education

As a performer, I want to inspire you instantly with my DKO performances – whether it be at a live show, or from watching videos, listening to recordings, or from playing sheet music I’ve written. I simply want to make you feel good and give you positive energy from my music, because that’s what I receive from other people’s music. I want to “pay it forward” because helping people just feels good!

As a teacher, I want to educate you with these diverse and informative online lessons. I want to get you excited about learning and give you some hope and satisfaction with these powerful and practical tools to help improve your music skills. Which in turn, I believe will improve your life, and ultimately, the lives of those around you.

Here’s to having more fun through music, and to creating a better world in the process!