Transcribing & Arranging Horn Parts from Steely Dan “Josie”

Lesson Chapters (from full-length 26 min lesson)

FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :01

CH 1 Why Do It? :53
CH 2 Getting Started by Finding Chord Charts on Internet 2:42
CH 3 Intro Horn Lick 3:45
CH 4 Chorus Horn Pads & Lick 9:35
CH 5 D.C. & Coda Horn Lick 17:34
CH 6 Ending Horn Lick 19:26

Lesson Goal

• Transcribing horn parts from a YouTube video of live Steely Dan concert
• Making notes choices for 3 or 4-part horn arr
• Entering notes into Finale notation program

Lesson Category

Jazz: Transcribing
Jazz: Composition & Arranging

Skill Level


Video Length



• Keyboard voicing skills
• Intermediate transcribing skills
• Basic knowledge of Finale notation program

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