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Hi Fellow Music Techies!

I’m excited to announce this new weekly blog and online video lessons which will feature useful tips to help simplify the sometimes overwhelming confusion and frustration of incorporating technology into YOUR musical life – whether it be recording techniques, MIDI equipment, live audio effects, iPad apps or just a downloading a song from iTunes. My personal experience and love for music technology has steadily evolved since my introduction to a MIDI keyboard and the Foster 4-Track Recorder way back in jr. high school! Technology has come a long way since then and I’m excited to share the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years from helpful mentors, but mostly from decades of being “in the trenches” – continually tweaking, practicing, performing and upgrading equipment. I would love it if I could perhaps save you some time and frustration so you can start creating music more quickly and efficiently!

What specific topics would be the most helpful for YOU? (please leave comments below or email to

Intro To Live Looping (Beginner Level)
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Chapters (from full-length 20:26 video lesson)

CH 1 What is Live Looping & Why Do It? 1:37
CH 2 Darren Commentary over Electric Trombone Live Looping Videos 4:15
CH 3 Different Loopers 6:59
CH 4 How to Get Started using Ableton “Looper” Device 7:44
CH 5 Looping Voice using Computer Mouse 8:02
CH 6 Looping Keyboard using iPad Controller App “Lemur” 9:16
CH 7 Looping Trombone using MIDI Foot Controller Pedal 13:12
CH 8 Looping Trombone using MIDI Buttons Attached Directly on Electric Trombone 16:19

Lesson Goal

• 3 functions of a standard looper
• 3 common looping techniques
• 3 different looping controllers

Lesson Category

Music Technology
Electric Trombone

Skill Level


Video Length



• Own hardware or software looping device
• Basic knowledge of recording and music

Roland Juno 106Fostex Model X 15-4 Multitracker

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