David Baker Jazz Education Legacy

David Baker

David Baker is the obvious choice to start things off for the new and improved Musician Mondays due to his recent passing on March 26, 2016. Ironically, this is also International Trombone Week and Mr. Baker always had a special place in my heart not only for his immeasurable contributions to jazz education, but also because he was a jazz trombonist.

I first learned about David Baker from my interest in jazz camps and the play-along records of Jamey Aebersold. I often studied books by Baker and learned the famous “David Baker Jazz Lick” when I was just in jr. high. I also knew of his great work at IU from my affection for the Brecker Brothers and Jerry Hey, as they all attended IU in the 1960s. Then, a real highlight of my first attendance to an IAJE conference as a professional was getting to meet and speak with Mr. Baker in NYC 2004. We are all indebted to his tireless work and advocacy of this art form we all love and cherish.

*Musician Mondays are back and will now feature tips about jazz improv, jazz theory, transcribing and composition! They originally started as an iPad blog on Mondays for TheGigEasy Complete Music Solutions for iPad. However, I am now consolidating iPad blogs with all Music Technology info on DKOLessons.com and they will consequently be part of the new “Technology Thursdays” blog going forward. https://www.dkolessons.com


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