The Power of 2 Min

The Power of 2 Minutes
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FIRST! Listen to the Lesson Objective :11
CH 1 Intro: Finding 2 min to practice during the day 2.28
CH 2 One Phrase Only from Rochut Melodious Etude #1 in a practice room 3:55
CH 3 Against the Grain during TV commercial breaks 7:58
CH 4 Doodle Tonguing at the bus stop! 9:57

Lesson Goal
• Focused practice on one topic
• Always find time to practice at least 2 min of something

Lesson Category
Trombone: Fundamentals

Skill Level

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• None: This concept is valuable when applied to ANY task or career path!

• You can always find 2 Min sometime during the day to practice something!
• Focus on only 1 small concept for a 2 min interval
• Feel satisfaction and growth from accomplishing this simple, powerful, and repeatable, technique



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