Official Launch of – March 22, 2016
Live & Pre-Recorded Online Lessons
Trombone • Jazz • Music Technology

Official Launch Is Today 3.22.16
Now Accepting New Members!

Spring is here! A perfect day to launch my new online lessons website! I’m SO excited because this is a modern multifaceted approach for focused learning of my three favorite subjects – Trombone, Jazz & Music Technology.
I think trombonists will particularly enjoy this website as I imagine these three subjects resonate with you as well, but these lessons are available to any musician who is interested in having fun while learning about the various topics that have consumed my musical life…jazz improvisation, jazz piano, comp/arr, transcribing, recording, cd production, Finale, iPad apps, live looping, electric trombone, etc.

For those of you that are familiar with my DKO band, charts or recordings, you will quickly understand why I chose this particular content for DKO Lessons! DKO Lessons is essentially a window into the world of DKO. Which hopefully means an honest and in-depth exploration of quality music in many genres.

There Are Two Ways To Learn:
1. Video Lessons:
Monthly Membership to Access All Pre-Recorded Videos
(5-25 min in length each)
2. Live Lessons:
Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout
(30-60 min live lesson over the internet)

Come have a look! Anyone can browse the site for FREE and watch previews of every video lesson that is available. (and many more coming soon) Please feel free to contact me here or at with any questions, concerns or comments.

Thank You!


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