forScore: Importing Annotated PDF from Another App

This is a continuation from last week’s Musician Mondays post because I’ve had several inquiries about getting PDFs out of another app which have been marked up (annotated) into forScore. The short answer is the same as last week’s post: Darkroom (in forScore)

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EXPORT: Take Screenshot while in another app (TheGigEasy, OnSong, Good Reader, etc)

1. Open app you want to export charts from
2. Choose the PDF you want so it displays on screen
3. Take a screenshot by simultaneously holding the home button and power button
4. A “photo” of the chart (actually a “.png” file) is then automatically saved to your “Photos” folder on the iPad

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.44.52 PM

IMPORT: Import screenshots from “camera roll” within forScore:
1. Open forScore App and Tap center of screen to engage the editing tools
2. Tap the tool box in upper right
3. Choose “Darkroom” half way down the page


4. Tap the Photos library icon (not the camera icon but the one to the right)

5. Choose the “photo” of the screenshot you took from your iPad “camera roll”
6. Title the new PDF (title of song)
7. “Save” the new PDF in color or B&W

That’s it! Now this PDF (and all annotations it contained) is auto imported to your forScore library and auto alphabetized by what title you gave it during import. It will now function just as any other PDF in your library, including allowing you to make additional markups on it and/or attach an mp3.

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