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“A brilliant, upcoming trombonist…a renaissance musician!”
Michael Brecker

“It’s quite an operation you have going. Very ambitious!
I am more than impressed by it all!”

Bobby Shew

“There’s no question that a lot of time has been put into this project…with a lot of heart and true human energy…and Darren you sound very good on that impossible instrument!”
Dave Liebman[/twocol_one_last]

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Trombone Lessons

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Jazz Lessons

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About DKO Video Lessons

DKO Video Lessons are a comprehensive library of pre-recorded videos containing powerful yet practical information regarding trombone, jazz and music technology. These three subjects are the passion and expertise of DKO Lessons founder Darren Kramer – an accomplished musician with 35 yrs experience as a professional trombonist, jazz musician, and music technology expert. All video lessons are created and taught by Darren and are intended for musicians of any instrument, age or skill level. (other than the obvious “Trombone Lessons” category) This clear, concise content is easy to understand as it is presented through detailed, step-by-step, modern teaching techniques used in conjunction with multiple HD video cameras, state-of-the-art audio, cutting-edge iPad apps, and even video footage from live performances and education masterclasses. In addition, Mp3 recordings and written PDF music examples are embedded within the video lesson and are also provided as digital downloads for enhanced learning during personal practice.

DKO Video Lessons are a unique multifaceted approach for focused learning of complex topics such as jazz improvisation, jazz theory, performance and recording techniques, transcribing, writing horn parts, secrets of jazz trombone, incorporating the iPad into your daily routine and “Electric Trombone Lessons” showing you how to use audio effects to convert your instrument into a 21st century sound device! In response to today’s fast-paced world where consumers demand instant access to highly categorized information, DKO Lessons were created to help an educator in the classroom today or help a musician for a gig tonight. These videos are not intended to be an all-inclusive chronological online course, but rather a quick resource for specific popular topics that will instantly help answer your questions now. To that end, all lessons follow this simple agenda:

  • Listen – Every video begins with a short performance or demo of the lesson objective…not a verbal explanation!
  • Learn – Break the task down into small easy steps. (Usually accompanied by a downloadable PDF and/or MP3)
  • Practice – Meticulously practice the material together with Darren using two proven learning methods: Slow Repetition & Relaxed Concentration.
  • Review – A brief recap of specific action items that will accelerate your learning and retention rate while practicing.
  • Ask – You can then email Darren questions, send a video url for feedback, or schedule a private one-to-one Skype lesson.

The primary goal of these informative lessons is to save you time! The secondary goal is to eliminate frustration (or at least reduce it!) when learning new topics or new technology. In doing so, I hope to increase your knowledge and enjoyment on numerous topics by showing you how to quickly incorporate new helpful tips into your daily routine. It’s Fun, Fast & Easy – Join Now!

About DKO Live Lessons

DKO Live Lessons are available should you prefer a “live” private one-on-one lesson via the internet. This option allows you to customize your experience and focus on whatever specific topics you want. But first, you must choose from the following during checkout:

  • Category – Trombone, Jazz or Music Technology
  • Length – 30 Min ($40) or 60 Min ($75)
  • Platform – Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout
  • Day & Time – A variety of choices are offered on Thursdays and Saturdays

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All Ages – All Skill Levels are encouraged to join because all of the pre-recorded video lessons are categorized regarding subject matter and skill level – beginning, intermediate, advanced. New video lessons are continually being added each month which means that numerous lessons will inevitably apply to your personal music needs and interests. DKO Lessons are a quality choice for all musicians whether you are an absolute beginner, an experienced college music major wanting to get to the next level, or an elite seasoned professional interested in learning a new discipline like piano, iPad apps or implementing audio effects! All lessons are taught by accomplished trombonist, composer, entrepreneur and technology expert Darren Kramer – Founder/CEO of DKO The Darren Kramer Organization

All Lessons are Viewable on Any Device Anywhere and can be streamed throughout the globe on a home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The ultimate in convenience and flexibility for any musician on the go. The only requirements are that you have access to a device and a solid internet connection to login to your account. (And that you practice!)